print, digital, paper, linocut, drawing, pencil, ink, mixed media

Right Villainous Chapbooks Co.

Jack Conkie


Height: 210 Millimetres; Width: 148 Millimetres


"Outraygeous Great Payre of Hose: adventures in crime and costume" is a light informative illustrated piece about sumptuary laws and crimes relating to dress and costume.

The original artwork was created using linocut printmaking & hand drawings in pencil and ink. This 8-page zine is A5 size, digitally printed with a matte laminate cover.


Right Villainous is an ongoing series of short zines, illustrations for prose and one-off illustrations on the theme of crime, the occult and taboo in historical fiction. It is inspired by Baroque art and literature, ranging from the 16th to 18th centuries, and ranges in tone from playful or humorous, to emotive or uncomfortable. The title of the collection, Right Villainous, comes from the title of the Memoirs of the Right Villainous John Hall, an account of Newgate prison and various English criminal types and activities in the 18th century.

An Outraygeous Great Payre of Hose - Adventures in Crime and Costume