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Who doesn't love a set of Matryoshka Dolls? Retro and timeless, these dolls all fit inside the largest Matryoshka.

Children and adults alike love them.

These sets of dolls are great for learning about sizes, and shapes, for improving motor skills and hand eye coordination, for counting, for learning about families and new babies. My children have created stories about them!

All our Matryoshka Dolls in Gustafs Studio and Gallery Peebles come from a town just North of Moscow called Sergiev Posad.

They are hand turned and hand painted by artists who train for years to learn this traditional craft.

The Dolls are all made from one piece of lime wood, starting with the smallest baby. They are all made to fit inside each other.

Due to the nature of hand made items, there are slight colour differences and sizes between the dolls.

I have taken photos of the general set which you are likely to receive.

The largest Matryoshka Doll is 10 cm -11 cm tall. Sizes are appropriate.

I have two small floral dolls in Gustafs.

One is called the Daisy doll and one floral doll.

Please look carefully at the photos. I have listed them by their main colour.

You will receive either design.

If you have a preference, please contact me and I will try to pick it.

These dolls are not recommended for children under 3 years old due to the size of the smallest doll.

Please look carefully at the photos, the smallest two dolls are photographed beside a 5 pence coin for scale.

You can always remove the smallest dolls until the child is older. 

Handmade Pink Daisy Russian Matryoshka Dolls - set of five