Wonderful miniature sculpture of a greyhound sculpted and cast by Patrick Hoye, Silver Bough. Patrick is a jeweller, silversmith and sculptor who specialises in animals and natural art forms. Patrick combines traditional inspiration with modern digital-handmade techniques creating elegant handcast sterling silver jewellery and sculptures. Designed and made in the Scottish Borders, The silver Bough collection draws design inspirstion from natural history illustration, the Arts and Crafts Movement, Japanese Netsuke and Gun Engraving Designs. Using both traditional and digital skills, jewellery, cufflinks, belt buckles and sculpures are all digitally sculpted, 3D printed and then cast in silver using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. Patrick has created this sculpture using the cold cast bronze method. Sculpture measures15 tall12cm long2.5 cm wideA bespoke piece can be created with a name or date on, please contact us for further information.

Greyhound Miniature Sculpture by Patrick Hoye for Silver Bough Collection