“Growing Together” Original Modern Mosaic Art Ready to hang indoors. Inspired by how families bond, evolve and grow together, this vibrant and detailed piece incorporates standard mirror, coloured mirror, wire, glass nuggets, vitreous and iridescent tile fragments. A complex and beautiful piece of original art. 30cmx30cmx1cm

Please note that although these mosaics are original and unique, some designs will be used in cushion covers, cards and other products.


Shirley Kay Mosaics

Peeblesshire artist Shirley Kay, is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art who originally specialised in Jewellery, but now creates unique pieces of Original Modern Mosaic Art. She uses a variety of materials in her mixed media mosaics but particularly enjoys working with mirror fragments and wire which utilises her jewellery skills. These materials reflect light and create a sense of movement. All pieces are signed on the back and ready to wall hang in a dry indoor area. “I’m inspired by the mindful process of mosaic making: taking time to select the appropriate shape, colour, material and texture, to gradually build up a complete picture. It is a process that can’t be rushed and truly a labour of love. My designs are inspired by the beauty and power of Mother Nature, witnessed through growing up in rural Galloway, overseas travel and living in the wonderful Scottish Borders” Shirley Kay

'Growing Together' Mosaic by Shirley Kay, Original Mosaic, Unique Art