This is a beautiful set of handmade Russian Matryshka dolls painted by Tanya Andreva.


Each of the five dolls has a different musical instrument, the largest has a balalika, then the following doll has accordian The middle sized doll has a guitar and even the teeny doll is stunningly painted with a pretty drum and the second smallest has her a stringed instrument. A 20p is beside her for scale.

She is red, ochre, green and cream with a beautiful lacey head scarf and complete is a wonderful family of five, all made to nest inside the largest.           


This doll is completely hand made, even the wood was handturned from lime wood. She has then been painted by a skilled artist The artist has signed the base, a true collectors item.

Measures approximately 5cm X15 cm

Matryoshka Doll, Floral Russian Matryoshka Doll Musical Instuments