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Amazing Mexican Bird Fiesta Tapestry Cushion Kit.

This vibrant design is inspired by the beautiful Mexican folk art embroidery called Otami. Traditionally used to decorate clothing and household linens, it includes stylised animals, flowers and birds. Patterned in waved stripes using bright, often contrasting colours, these folk art designs are simple, but effective.

The design uses all of the field, with tiny shapes and flowers.

The embroiderer first hand draws the pattern with a crayon or pencil, designs can be symmetrical for clothing. Each piece is unique. Embroidery commences in satin stitch using a tambour needle which catches the stitches from the reverse and pulling through to the front. This is a quick way of filling large areas.

My design features brilliant bird, richly detailed pattern in vibrant colours on a black background. The background is completely filled with flowers, butterflies, sacred hearts, a snail, dots and spots. A scattering of roccaille beads is added last for extra sparkle .

Sewn using Victorian cross stitch, no need for a frame.

Anchor Tapestry wool

Size 18 tapestry needles

Zweigart 10 hpi blank Interlock canvas

Full colour and symbol chart

Colour symbol palette


Wool organiser cards

Organza wool bag

Gift bag packaging

Rocaille beads

Size: 16.4" x 1.4", 41cm x 43.5cm

Mexican Bird Fiesta Tapestry Kit