The Victory by Phoebe Anna Traquair (Foiled Journal)

This design is part of a sequence caled The Progress of the Soul housed in The National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh. It's a stunning piece of embroidery.

Notebooks come with practical features too: a pocket at the back for scraps and receipts; two ribbon markers to help keep track of more than just a to-do list; robust ivory text paper, printed with lines; and when you need to collect other notes or scraps of paper the magnetic side flap keeps everything neat and tidy.

THE ARTIST. Phoebe Anna Traquair was a significant and important figure in British art. She contributed widely to the Arts and Crafts movement, and was one of the first women artists in Scotland to achieve professional recognition.

 Decorated cover, ruled pages, pocket ribbon and magnetic closure, 176 pages, 1 illustrations

Dimensions: 210 x 148 x 17 mm

The Victory by Phoebe Anna Traquair (Foiled Journal)