The Tree of Life tapestry wall hanging kit is the largest in the collection. 

Inspired by The Trees of Life of many cultures, it is an interesting and unusual design which is absorbing to stitch.

This outstanding , richly coloured wallhanging is sewn using wool and metallic threads. Semi-precious gem beads are sewn onto the finished work to give the tapestry a different dimension.

The design depicts a gold tree with several spiraling branches. Every branch represents a different type of tree with the relevant fruits on it.

Hazel with catkins and nuts for the Celtic Tree of Life and Oak tree leaves and Acorns for the Norse

There's the Three Blessed Fruits, pomegranate, lemon and peach, and Apples from Norse mythology.

Representative of immortality, are butterflies, dragonflies and bees dancing

throughout the design.

A peacock sits on the top branches, a salmon leaps from swirling waves to pick a hazelnut and the phoenix rises from the flames.


This listing is for the digital chart download only

A great way to use up odds and ends of wool and canvas.

They have been created by using Victorian Cross Stitch on 10HPI Canvas in Anchor Tapisserie Wool

The download comprises of:-

Full Colour and Symbol Design Chart

Full Colour and Symbol Wool Key


Chart Page Layout


Separate Chart for The Peacock


Design Simulation

This listing is for the digital pattern. There are no materials for making it included.

The wool quantities are calculated using the suggested tapisserie wool and number of holes per inch.

Suggested materials

Anchor Tapisserie Wool

10HPI Zweigart Interlock Canvas


Anchor Gold and Silver Lame,


Gem stones and rocaille beads


Size 18 tapestry Needles

Final size 23" x  29.5" , 57.5cm x 73.75cm approximately

Please be aware that if a larger or smaller HPI is used, then the size of the final product will be different.

Design Charts are subject to copyright and can not be copied and resold.

They are for reasonable personal use only and should not be used commercially or incorporated into another product.

Tree Of Life Design, PDF Download, Tapestry, Needlepoint, Counted Cross Stitch