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The Celtic Tree of Life tapestry kit is one of thr largest in my Animal Fayre Designer Tapestry Kits collection.

It is a fabulous big cushion or a beautiful wall-hanging or picture.

This large tapestry was inspired by the ancient Celtic Tree of Life and the fabulous knotwork border which are found throughout the Book of Kells and the Lindesfarne Gospel. The Tree of Life represents the afterlife, and connection between the earth and heaven.

There is a central panel featuring the tree in full leaf and entwined roots enclosed by a rich teal and turquoise circular border.

There is a large border framing these panels, with a further twelve scrolled knotwork, cornered by colourful medalions.

The design is sewn dramatically in rich colours on a dark background and would present an absorbing project to the needle-worker who likes a challenge.

There's always something interesting to stitch whether you are working on the borders, tree or background.

Sewn using Counted Victorian cross stitch, no need for a frame.

An excellent full colour and symbol chart is included. Each symbol relates to a wool shade which can be found on the wool shade key.

Full instructions on the stitch and making you tapestry into a wall-hanging are included.

Anchor Tapestry wool

Size 18 tapestry needles

Zweigart 10 hpi Interlock blank canvas

Full colour and symbol chart

Colour symbol palette


Design simulation

Organza wool bags

wool organiser cards

Gift bag packaging

Size: 21" x 21", 53cm x53cm

Animal Fayre Designer Tapestry Kits

Design Charts are subject to copyright and can not be copied and resold.

They are for personal use only.

Celtic Tree of Life Tapestry Wall-hanging Kit


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