Beautiful handknitted scarves from the Orenburg Region in the Ural Mountains in Russia.

These scarves are hand knitted in small batches so slight differences in lace pattern and colour shade can occur.


The Orenburg yarn comes from the world famous Orenburg goat. Due to the unique climate in the Ural Mountains, this native breed of goats develop a third layer of the softest down . It's very light and very warm.


The spinners add silk to the down to give it the unique strength formed through spinning.


This technique dates to the 18th century, known as 'Orenburgskyi Platok' the yarn and lace is fine, but srong. In most cases, it will pass through a wedding ring!


80% wool 20% silk

Please hand wash carefully in cool water with gentle handsoap. Pat in a clean towel and then spread to dry away from direct heat.

Your scarf will become even softer with washing.


Measures Approximately

165 cm x 55 cm*

*due to the nature of hand knitted scarves, this might vary slightly*


Neutral Colours, Hand knitted Scarf, Lace Scarf, Orenburg Wool and Silk

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