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This zine is a dictionary of 16th and 17th-century slang and thieves' cant words drawn from rogue literature pamphlets of the time. It is risograph printed in blue and fluorescent pink, on off-white paper.The illustrations were originally created for R.V.'s other zine "Knack to Knowing a Knave", using lino cuts and letterpress type, here digitised and repurposed for riso - re-using woodblock cuts would have been common in the original Elizabethan pamphlets that inspired the zine!Named after the chronicler of Newgate prison, the Right Villainous John Hall, Right Villainous Chapbooks combine offbeat stories with both traditional and modern printmaking methods. Inspired by rogue literature, as well as folklore and Queer history, they aim to create stories both big and small from sometimes unusual viewpoints, featuring monsters, beasts, rogues, villains and rebels – from globsters, cryptids and dog-headed men, to Elizabethan slang and thieves cant.This zine is A5 size and has 12 pages total including the cover.Colours may appear different in real life as on the computer monitor (in this case the fluo pink may appear brighter in person)

An Elizabethan A, B, C Risograph Zine, Jack Conkie


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